A performative reading of Reed O’Beirne’s short text ‘This Whole Infernal Sequence’ (2018) was delivered by Tzvet Lazar as an introduction to Volume 6 of Disasters of Peace curated programme that screened Whitechapel Gallery on 29 November 2018.

You can read ‘This Whole Infernal Sequence’ here.

By remixing phrases from historic declarations and combining them with his own associative writing style, Reed O’Beirne explores the rhetoric embodied in the declaratory style of proclamatic writing in order to suggest a less definitive intention and outcome

You can watch Tzvet Lazar performing the reading of the text here.



Reed O’Beirne

Disasters of Peace at the Whitechapel Gallery. Reed O'Beirne, Tzvet Lazarov. Whole Infernal Sequence

O’Beirne is an award winning media-creator and deal-maker. Originally from Natchez Mississippi and now based in the UK, he is graduate of the creative writing program at Vanderbilt University, with course work in computer science. He is the founder of Emerald Reels, an organization which he started in 1998 dedicated to supporting artistic filmmaking. His films have screened widely at festivals and art events including the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Shanghi’s OCAT Contemporary Art Terminal and the AVIFF Cannes

Tzvet Lazar

Disasters of Peace at the Whitechapel Gallery. Tzvet Lazarov, Reed O'Beirne, Whole Infernal Sequence

Lazarov is a London-based, Bulgarian cinema and theatre actor and voice artist. He has appeared in a number of feature length and short film productions. He was the main subject of Kamila Kuc’s 2016 experimental study, Rehearsal, in which he performed excerpts from David Foster Wallace’s short story, ‘Signifying Nothing’ (2001).